What Countries have the best Health Care Systems

Written on:December 19, 2012
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Health care systems have been under scrutiny for some time and questions are normally asked about what makes a good health care system, what makes the system fair and how do we know how well our health care system is performing.



These questions have been subject to many public debates in most countries around the world.

In the United Kingdom we are lucky enough to have the National Health Service; compare this to the health care system offered in the United States we are very lucky, however what about health care systems around the world.

Although there have been discussions held regarding the privatization of some section of the NHS.

This article will look at other health care systems that are considered to be better than the United States.


Costa Rica

Considered to have some of the best health care in Latin America.  Like most countries they have both private and public health care systems that are constantly being improved not only by building new hospitals but also investing in staff training.



Health care in Dominica is administered by the Ministry of Health although Private healthcare is available it is usually offered as an employee benefit.



The health care system in Denmark is managed by local authorities that make and ensure decisions are implemented although they do have to follow rules and regulations that The Ministry of Interior and Health outline.



In Chile they utilize a dual health care system that offers public care from their National Health Insurance or Private care that is financed through private health insurance.



Although Australia offers a dual health system of public and private health insurance wealthier individuals are encouraged to use the private system.

This is enforced by charging and additional 1% tax on higher earners without private health insurance.



Health care in Finland has universal coverage which is offered through its decentralized public health care system; however there is a small private health care system available.



Considered to offer the best health care system in the world, the French system combines both private and public sectors to provide a universal health care system to all.

Most of the population receive their insurance through their employer, however most people have supplemental private insurance.

The majority of medical bills is paid by the French Government from the funds taking from payroll and income taxes, with the remainder is footed by the individuals’ supplemental private insurance.

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