The Most Common Hospital Operations In The UK

Written on:November 21, 2012
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In the past few years the world has experienced a financial slowdown that is still being felt in some quarters today, indeed the UK has only just come out of it.

Despite this in the United Kingdom there has been a growing number of cosmetic surgery operations mainly to ‘improve looks’ in both men and women. Surprisingly, the rate of procedures performed each year consistently rises by about 5% in spite of the economic downturns.

Cosmetic surgery has always been woman’s field, but lately men have been invading it, too. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) website reports that ‘surgical procedures in 2011 showed a rise of 5.8% from 2010’.

It added that for 2011, 43,069 procedures were performed compared to 38,274 in 2010. Surgery for females rose by 5.8%, while the rise in male surgeries was 5.6%, though the number of surgical procedures for male patients is still 10% of those done for women.

Gynecomastia or ‘man boob ops’ is still the second most common operation for men (after rhinoplasty or ‘noselift’) but always tops for women, which posted a 6.2% rise.

It appears the surgical procedure for men with the biggest percentage increase is abdominoplasty or ‘tummy tucks’, with an eyebrow-raising 15% increase, compared to just a steady 7% for women.

‘Tummy tucking’ is the removal or reduction of belly fat to produce a better physical shape, to show abs for males and a smaller waist for females.

The 2011 figures of surgical procedures done for men in the field of plastic surgery indicate that rhinoplasty procedures rose by 5% over the figure for 2010; liposuction, 8%; breast reduction, up 7%; eyelid surgery, ear correction, and fat transfer, all up 5%; and face or neck lift and brow lifts, up 2%.

Tops for women is abdominoplasty which rose by 7%; followed by breast reduction, 6.7%; liposuction 6%; rhinoplasty and fat transfer, 5%. For operations in both sexes, the order of ranking did not change over-all.

In the case of non-surgical treatments, Botulinum toxin (Botox. retained its position as the top in demand, and is likewise expected to do so for the current year as facial ‘good looks’ treatment.

For top surgical operations for males in the United Kingdom in terms of numbers, number one goes to operations on the urinary system, in which 399,321 procedures were made within the year.

Next in the list is those done on the bladder, 278,770; intestines, 273,069; stomach, 224,276; eyes, 199,276; soft tissue, 195,545; colon, 192,390; heart, 184,242; joint, 182,704, and skin, 168,622.

One field on close watch is stem cell technology. Now that’s much more is known about the benefits of stem cells, advances in the technology are expected to go on higher gears as the horizon of its potentials opens up wider and wider.

It is now possible to use one’s own stem cells to develop areas where fullness is needed, such as the breasts.

Breasts augmented by stem cells will have living tissue, not silicone, and will appear and feel more natural because they are natural. Thus, surgical operations on this field is seen to rise in the near future.

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