6 Habits You Have No Clue You Had And How They Could Be Harming You

Written on:February 6, 2013
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In the daily scramble of trying to do every possible thing within that short span of 24-hours, we often tend to ignore the things that matter the most. Things like our overall well-being.

We don’t even realise how one small apparently harmless habit could prove to be life-threatening in the long run. We just continue doing the things we do, until finally there comes a day when we wake up in the emergency room instead of our bed or our couch or our work-desk.

However, before it’s too late, we need to step back and take a look at some bad habits we’ve developed without even realising its effects, and switch over to the good side.

1. Eating heavy before going to bed

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Heavy midnight snacking is a cool thing to talk about. But yeah, it only sounds good. Before you jump onto the next late-night heavy dinner, think again.

A huge meal might send you into the deepest of sleeps, but on the flipside it’ll also pile on the unwanted fat. As the clock nears bedtime, the body slows down; it burns less and stores more.

Eating something that is a storehouse of carbohydrates at this time means that there are slim chances of your body burning all that you’ve eaten. Instead, it’ll add unnecessary calories to the diet.

And leave you wondering where all that fat came from.


2. Skipping meals (More importantly, skipping breakfast)

Plain logic tells us that skipping meals means having fewer intakes of calories, which in turn means piling on less fat. Before you pat yourself on the back for coming up with this “as clear as daylight” logic, stop right there and punch yourself in the face instead.

Skipping breakfast alone slows down your metabolism and makes you overeat at a later point in time. Ideally, you should be eating every two hours. By that, I don’t mean chomp on fries and donuts and the like. Feed on a nice salad (they come with delicious dressings, so they’re anything but your “rabbit food”) or nuts like walnuts, almonds, pistachios etc.

Nuts work a lot more wonders than you give them credit for. If you’re someone who are always on-the-run, nuts are life-savers; the only people nuts ever hurt are those who never had them.


3. Hanging out with overeating friends

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Hey, no judging happening here, but the company you keep does have an effect on your lifestyle.

However, none of this means or suggests that you cut all ties with your friends! Instead, try to pull them to the fitter side too.

So, instead of going out to eat, you can indulge in some more social and healthier activities that’ll benefit the whole group.


4. The “Live to eat” attitude

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“You live only once, eat as much as you can. Life is too short to worry about calories”. We all know at least one person who keeps telling this to anyone who’s ready to listen.

Now, the next time you hear someone say that, please remember, that line is nothing but a pathetic excuse to shirk away from a healthy lifestyle.

Eating as a celebration of food as an art form or as a means to explore the taste buds is one thing, but eating beyond measure (especially something soaked in grease) just because you have to or like to, is quite another.

Respect your body. CONTROL!


5. Drinking on an empty stomach

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A lot of people refrain from eating before drinking due to the fear of throwing up. But you probably haven’t realized yet that this act does only more harm than good.

When you drink on an empty stomach, the alcohol goes directly to your bloodstream and eventually gets stored as fat. It also leads to low blood sugar levels which in turn makes you hungry and makes you overeat.

So the next time, don’t start running for the hills when you’re asked to eat before drinking. Have a bite or two; a quantity that small won’t do any harm.


6. Brushing teeth twice a day

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As kids, this is the one statement that was drilled into our heads to no end. Luckily for you, you picked that habit and stuck to it to this day. Then why is this a bad habit, you ask?

Because, you were a kid back then, so it made sense. That’s not the case anymore now, is it? Now we eat, drink, smoke on a far larger scale than twice-a-day brushing can handle.

Ideally, you should brush your teeth after every meal, but if that’s a little too far-fetched, then just swish some water in your mouth once you’re done eating/drinking.

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