10 Common Indicators That Someone Needs To Visit A Drug Rehab

Written on:October 31, 2012
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Drug rehabs are a ray of hope for those addicted to drugs. If your loved one is hooked to substances like cocaine, marijuana, hashish, alcohol, nicotine etc., you should advise them to visit a rehab center for support and advice.

However, as we shall learn in this brief write-up, not every case of drug abuse means addiction and not all incidences of drug use require one to visit a drug rehab.

Here are 10 common indicators that your loved one could be in need of a drug rehab program.

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10 Common Indicators of Drug Addiction

~ Erratic Behavior
Erratic behaviors are behaviors that are not expected of a person. For instance, you may begin to notice giddiness or excessive excitability out of someone who used to be very calm. If not addressed on time, these behaviors can end up becoming dangerous situations.

~ Change of Friends
Teenage and adolescents suffering from drug addiction are known to hang around with different peer groups. So if you notice that your child has started spending time with unfamiliar people at home or at school, you may need to be extra cautious before things get out of hand.

~ Change in Someone’s Physical Appearance
Due to consistent use of drugs, a person can experience several changes in their physical appearance. Rapid weight loss, loss of appetite, general change in physical appearance and changes in one’s manner of dressing may indicate an urgent need to visit a drug rehab. Other changes in physical appearance that may indicate need for one to visit a rehab center include: blood shot eyes, injection marks, unusual skin color, puffy face, sniffing or unusual itchiness.

~ Change of Sleep Patterns
Drug addiction can wreak havoc on sleep patterns. If your spouse or sibling is suffering from drug addiction, you may notice drastic changes in their sleeping habits. Sleeping for abnormally long hours or staying up late are some of the sleep related indicators that a person could be suffering from drug addiction.

~ Anxiety
Anxiety is yet another common symptom that is associated with drug abuse. Whether it is anxiousness over a new way of life or the nervous behavior caused by intake of particular drugs, anxiety remains as the main symptom of drug addiction.

~ Additional Behaviors
Onset of new behaviors is yet another indicator that your loved one could be in need of a drug rehab program.

People suffering from drug addiction are usually known to be overly sensitive particularly when issues about drugs and substance abuse are raised. Along with over-sensitivity is defensiveness.

An individual struggling with drug abuse tends to become argumentative in an attempt to divert emphasis away from his issues onto something completely different.

~ Rapid Mood Swings
In determining whether a person is experiencing rapid mood swings, you have to take into account their normal behavior.

For instance, if your son or daughter, who used to be calm and quiet, becomes ultra-hyper all of a sudden, you may have quite a few questions to ask as this may be an indicator of drug addiction.

~ Loss of Interest
While loss of complacency is not a noticeable characteristic, someone who is known to be quite active and aggressive in their duties may appear to lose interest due to drug addiction.

It is that most of their energy is turned to feeding the urge of drug usage.

~ Irregular Schedules and Unexplained Absences
Most people prefer to keep their drug addiction issue a secret. As a result, you may start noticing unusual absences even in the course of serious commitments.

Sometimes, a person may even disappear for several days without any explanations.

~ A Person May Appear Depressed
This is yet another strong indicator that someone needs to visit a drug rehab for assistance and support.

Some drugs are known to lead to a deep depression as the victim ponders the situation. In other cases, a person may become depressed while waiting for their next dosage of the drugs.

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