Science: A New Antioxidant That Could Keep Your Skin Younger

Written on:April 4, 2014
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Science: A New Antioxidant That Could Keep Your Skin Younger

We cannot stop our skin from aging, but we can still nurture it more, and take better care of the skin’s health. Apart from natural herbal masks, and treatments, and crèmes we can use, we can also protect our skin with minerals and vitamins (antioxidants) we get from the food.

Due to the ultraviolet radiation (harmful free radicals), DNA is damaged by free radicals (because UVA radiation penetrates deeper), and over time, this can speed up the aging process and cause wrinkles, destroying the collagen and skin’s fibers.

Due to the UVA radiation, our skin loses elasticity as well.  Due to the reactive oxygen species, some studies, recently, showed that this damage can initiate skin cancers also.

A team of researchers from Newcastle University identified an antioxidant called Tiron which has great benefits for skin and is great protection against certain types of sun damage, which in turn, can make our skin younger for longer.

In a study, which was published in The FASEB Journal, the scientists explained how several antioxidants that could be found in both food and cosmetics, can offer protection against either UVA radiation or free radicals.

After they compared potent antioxidants that target either the batteries of skin cells or the entire cells, they found that antioxidant Tiron provided 100% protection of the skin cells from UVA. They also concluded that Tiron protects the release of damaging enzymes that cause stress-inducing damage.

To discover that Tiron offers complete protection against UVA damage is exciting and promising, however, it is early days as Tiron is not a naturally occurring compound and has not yet been tested for toxicity in humans, although there have been a few studies on rats”, explained Mark Birch-Machin, Professor of Molecular Dermatology at Newcastle University.

The findings are still incomplete and need more testing, and the researchers need more time (perhaps several years) and work to understand how Tiron works, and perhaps develop a compound similar to Tiron.

On the other hand, according to other researches, we can still protect our skin and speed down the aging process with other antioxidants, such as those from green tea, red wine (resveratrol), tomatoes (lycopene), and turmeric (curcumin).

Resveratrol, for instance, can protect against 22% of ultraviolet radiation and stress-inducing damage, and curcumin offers 16% protection against oxidative stress and 8% against radiation. These antioxidants can slow down the damage and aging.

As for the herbal remedies that protect skin from aging, and herbal treatments that have the ability to revive the skin and bring back the healthy and beautiful look, nature has plenty to offer. Almond and coconut oil are probably the best oils for skin protection.

Almond oil helps improve complexion of the skin, and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Coconut oil is usually used as a natural skin tightening treatment that makes skin looks younger and radiant.

Vitamin C boosts the production of collagen, and vitamin E fights harmful free radicals that damage the skin. Finally, there is honey, the best natural treatment for smooth and glowing skin, and for skin hydration.


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